Best Bikes for Long Drives in India 2022 - Price, Specs & Mileage (2023)

Biking is a popular pastime in India, particularly among young people. Every year, thousands of bikers embark on long road trips and hilly rides. Nowadays, because of the recent trend of YouTube, so many people like to travel various untouched lands with enthusiasm. Therefore, they need to find the most suitable vehicle and always stay unpredictable to see which bike is best for long drives. Also, these riders seek out the most popular bikes that provide excellent mileage, are reasonably priced, and require little maintenance. So, here is the list of the best bikes for long drives in India.

8 Best Bikes For Long Drives in India: 2021

1. Royal Enfield HimalayanBest Bikes for Long Drives in India 2022 - Price, Specs & Mileage (1)

In India, the Royal Enfield Himalayan is a bike for adventurers. The touring bike from Royal Enfield is ideal for driving on hilly terrains. If anyone has a question in their mind about which bike is best for a long drive, then here are some features of the Himalayan.

The Royal Enfield Himalayan is a motorcycle capable of long journeys in any terrain. Long travel suspension, comfortable seats, an onboard magnetic compass, up-right handlebars, a 15-liter fuel tank, and dual-purpose tires will assist the rider in navigating any terrain while traveling long distances. In addition, this motorcycle has dual-channel ABS for added security. With a displacement of 411 cc, the engine is single-cylinder and four-stroke. The bike has a fuel economy of 30 to 36.26 km/liter.

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Specifications, Mileage & Price Of Royal Enfield Himalayan:

Displacement in CC411
Max. Power in PS24.31
Max. Torque in NM32
Mileage in KMPL32
Price in RS.2 to 2.2 Lakh (approx.)

2. Bajaj Dominar 400Best Bikes for Long Drives in India 2022 - Price, Specs & Mileage (2)

The Bajaj Dominar 400 is the company’s touring motorcycle. The motorcycle has LED headlamps, tail lamps, turn indicators, a fully digital instrument cluster, and other features. The rider sits upright on the bike, which has wide seats for longer-distance comfort. The Bajaj Dominar 400’s 374cc liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine produces 35Nm of torque.

Specifications, Mileage & Price Of Bajaj Dominar 400:

Displacement in CC374
Max. Power in PS40
Max. Torque in NM35
Mileage in KMPL27
Price in RS.1.92 to 2.1 Lakh (approx.)

3. Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350Best Bikes for Long Drives in India 2022 - Price, Specs & Mileage (3)

A favorite of thousands of riders and a road cruiser, the Royal Enfield Thunderbird is an excellent choice for long rides. You have the option of selecting the bike as follows: Albeit Royal Enfield has been selling the Thunderbird in India since 2000, it wasn’t until 2009 that the brand totally refreshed the bike by presenting the 346 cc unit development motor (UCE), which currently controls the entirety of their 350cc models.

Royal Enfield introduced a facelifted version of the Thunderbird 350 in October 2012, with a teardrop-shaped fuel tank, digital instruments and fuel gauge, and a projector headlamp. ABS is currently accessible as a discretionary extra for a bit of charge over the base model.

Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350 is accessible in five tones and contends with the Jawa, UM, and, less significantly, the Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220.

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Specifications, Mileage & Price Of Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350:

Displacement in CC346
Max. Power in PS20.7
Max. Torque in NM28
Mileage in KMPL40
Price in RS.1.55 to 1.60 Lakh (approx.)

4. Royal Enfield Interceptor 350Best Bikes for Long Drives in India 2022 - Price, Specs & Mileage (4)

This bike’s engine is air/oil-cooled. The seats are not only comfortable for the driver but also for the pillion rider. Royal Enfield Interceptor 350 ranges in price from Rs.2.5 lakhs to Rs.2.88 lakhs. The bike achieves a mileage of 25 kilometers per liter of fuel. It has dual-channel ABS for added security.

Specifications, Mileage & Price Of Royal Enfield Interceptor 350:

Displacement in CC649
Max. Power in PS47
Max. Torque in NM52
Mileage in KMPL35
Price in RS.2.5 to 2.9 Lakh approx.

5. Hero XpulseBest Bikes for Long Drives in India 2022 - Price, Specs & Mileage (5)

Xpulse covered the recent market of India with youth and professional rider’s share that helps make the bike more successful in no time. It is considered one of the best bikes for long drives in India. It has a 200cc BS6 engine with the front and rear wheels of the Hero Xpulse 200 have anti-lock brakes. Following the discontinuation of the Impulse, Hero MotoCorp filled the void by introducing the XPulse 200, a higher displacement ADV motorcycle. The new XPulse, unlike the Impulse, is an adventure tourer motorcycle. The motorcycle was first shown to the public at the 2017 EICMA Show in Italy. The XPulse 200 builds on the legacy of the Impulse, but it’s more approachable and purposeful. Moreover, the motorcycle has been modified to comply with the most recent and stringent emission regulations.

For braking, the XPulse 200 has disc brakes on both ends and a single-channel ABS. The bike has a full-LED headlight and a digital instrument cluster with Bluetooth connectivity for navigation and call alerts. It has a 14-liter fuel tank capacity.

Specifications, Mileage & Price Of Hero Xpulse:

Displacement in CC200
Max. Power in PS17.8
Max. Torque in NM16.45
Mileage in KMPL50
Price in RS.1.20 to 1.25 Lakhs approx.

6. Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220Best Bikes for Long Drives in India 2022 - Price, Specs & Mileage (6)

The Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 is a cruiser bike with a 220cc BS6 engine known for its reliability. The anti-lock braking system on the Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220 includes the front disc and rear drum brakes. The Avenger Cruise 220, Bajaj Auto’s flagship cruiser motorcycle, has been updated to meet the most recent emission regulations.

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On the other hand, the styling cues remain unchanged. The Avenger Cruise 220 BS6 features a typical motorcycle design with a low-slung saddle, rear-swept handlebar, front windscreen, and long wheelbase. The 3D logo, chrome treatment on various parts, wire-spoke wheels, and comfortable seats make it the best comfortable bike for long rides in the class.

Specifications, Mileage & Price Of Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220:

Displacement in CC220
Max. Power in PS18.4
Max. Torque in NM17.55
Mileage in KMPL40
Price in RS.1.17 to 1.32 Lakhs approx.

7. Bajaj Avenger Street 160Best Bikes for Long Drives in India 2022 - Price, Specs & Mileage (7)

The Bajaj Avenger Street 160 is a cruiser bike with an anti-lock braking system with a front disc and rear drum brakes. The Avenger Street 160 weighs 156 kg and has a 13-liter fuel tank. Coming out in the Avenger family, it is also considered under the best bikes for long drives in India.

Bajaj Auto introduced the Avenger Street 150 in response to customer feedback, later replaced by the new Avenger Street 160. The cruiser is based on the now-discontinued Avenger Street 150 model. The stance is the same as the previous model but with a more aggressive flat handlebar. The blacked-out theme is carried on with black powder-coated components such as the handlebar, exhaust, grab-rail, and indicators. To complete the look, the alloy wheels are also finished in black. Braking is handled by a 230mm single disc up front with single-channel ABS, while the rear retains a 130mm drum brake. The Avenger Street 160 is available in two colors: black and red.

Specifications, Mileage & Price Of Bajaj Avenger Street 160:

Displacement in CC160
Max. Power in PS15
Max. Torque in NM13.4
Mileage in KMPL45-48
Price in RS.92,000 to 1.10 Lakhs approx.

8. Honda Hness CB350Best Bikes for Long Drives in India 2022 - Price, Specs & Mileage (8)

The Honda Hness CB350 is a street motorcycle available in two variants and six colors, with the top variant including front and rear disc brakes and an anti-lock braking system. The Hness CB350 weighs 181 kg and holds 15 liters of fuel. Honda motorcycles India has entered the middle-weight modern-classic segment with the introduction of the H’ness CB 350. The motorcycle will be available for purchase at Honda’s premium Big Wing dealerships across the country. It will be available in two models: DLX and DLX Pro, with prices to be announced.

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The H’ness CB 350 has joined the rapidly growing retro bike genre, including the Royal Enfield Classic 350, Jawa Standard, and Benelli Imperiale 400. Honda has designed it to be heavily influenced by the larger CB 1100 EX. It has a round headlamp, a curved fuel tank, a tan leather seat, chopped fenders, and a chrome-finished exhaust system. Meanwhile, the presence of blacked-out components and alloy wheels contributes to the vehicle’s modern appearance.

Although it has a retro cosmetic theme, the feature list is a stark contrast and includes modern elements. Standard features include a full-LED lighting system, a semi-digital instrument cluster, Bluetooth connectivity, traction control, dual-channel ABS, and a slipper clutch. The engine is a 348cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled unit mated to a five-speed transmission. The motor is held in place by a double-cradle frame that is linked to the telescopic forks and dual shock absorbers. Both ends of the vehicle are equipped with disc brakes for stopping power.

Specifications, Mileage & Price Of Honda Hness CB350:

Displacement in CC348
Max. Power in PS22
Max. Torque in NM30
Mileage in KMPL32
Price in RS.1.86 to 1.93 Lakhs approx.


This was an in-depth look at the best bikes for long drives in India and we hope we were able to answer your questions as to which bike is best for long drive. There are numerous options available to you, and keep in mind that there is a bike for every rider. In other words, this list of the best bikes for long rides in India ensures that you do not have to limit yourself to only purchasing premium touring bikes if you are on a tight budget.

As previously stated, the best bikes for long rides have a comfortable riding posture, wind blast protection, and an extensive tank range. Before deciding on a bike, you should take proper test rides on the bikes that interest you.

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