Best Montra Cycles in India [Top 10] | Review - Are They Worth Buying? (2023)

Over the last few years, Montra has become one of the most popular and sought-after brand in the Indian Cycling Industry. I often get asked if they are worth the hype. Hence I decided to compile this detailed review of Montra bicycles. I will also put together a list of best Montra cycles in India. This list will be across all three cycle categories namely hybrid, road & MTBs.


If you running short on time and just looking for recommendations directly, you can go for the models below:

  1. Hybrid Bicycle – Montra Blues 1.2 takes the honours
  2. MTB – Go with Rock 4.1, this is the best MTB Montra has on sale currently
  3. Road Bike – There are only two bikes that Montra offers, Montra Celtic is much better compared to Unplugged

Read on for go through the details of all the models offered by Montra and their pro & cons.

About Brand Montra. Is Montra an Indian Brand?

The brand name Montra is owned by TI cycles, which is a Murugappa group company based in Chennai. TI cycles also ownother successful cycle brands like BSA, Hercules, Ladybird etc. At the time of writing this review, Montra does not have a dedicated wiki page to it.

So, yes, Montra is definitely an Indian bicycle brand.

Montrawas amongst the first Indian premium performance bicycle brands. The brand also boasts of having designed, manufactured and sold the first carbon frame bicycle (By an Indian brand). The quality of their bicycles has consistently increased over ever since they launched.

Montrais an ideal brand for someone who wishes to upgrade from their basic bicycle, however, does not have enough funds to own an expensive foreign brand.

I will now list down the best bicycle models by Montra in each of the categories mentioned below.

Best Hybrid Bicycles by Montra:

I will start off with the category that most commuters should consider. A good hybrid bicycle can help you exercise as well as with your daily commute to the office, college or school.

Hybrid cycles have slicker tyres compared to the MTBs and have a more comfortable frame compared to road bikes.

1. Montra Blues

Variants Available (All three variants are available in 2018 & 2017 models)

  • Montra Blues 1.2
  • Blues 1.1
  • Blues Rigid

Montra Blues is one of the best hybrid bicycles that you can buy in India. They have a lot of variants available at different price points. They also keep launching new models of each of those variants every year.

However, apart from a few components and some minor frame design changes, mostly the product remains the same. So if you do get an older model at a really good price, do opt for the same.

If there is not much differencein the current price then you can opt for the latest model. This will also help you get a better resale value if you decide to upgrade your bike couple of years later.

(Video) Montra Trance Pro Full Review 2022 | Hybrid Cycles In India | Best Hybrid Bikes | Under 30k Cycles

Best Montra Cycles in India [Top 10] | Review - Are They Worth Buying? (1)

Best Montra Cycles in India [Top 10] | Review - Are They Worth Buying? (2)

Check out the Latest Price of the version – Amazon | Flipkart

Key Features of Montra Blues 1.2 (Latest version):

  • It comes equipped with a blues 700C aluminium alloy frame
  • Front derailleur comes fitted with Shimano Altus (3 Speed)
  • While the rear derailleur uses Shimano Acera RD-M360 (8 Speed)
  • The bike has a 50 mm Suntour fork with hydraulic lockout
  • The wheel consists of double-walledalloy rims fitted with Kenda 700x35C tyres
  • Has mechanical disc brakes

The Blues 1.1 model has almost similar specs. However, the biggest difference is that it uses Shimano Altus as the rear derailleur instead of Acera. Acera is a more premium version of the two.

2. Montra Timba

Available Variants:

  • Montra Timba 1.1 (Old and New)

For someone like me, who is comfortable riding a rigid fork, the Montra Timba hybrid bicycle is a good choice.

They have relaunched the model this year in slightly better, brighter and happy colours. The decal on the bicycles also looks much better and sportier.

Best Montra Cycles in India [Top 10] | Review - Are They Worth Buying? (3)

Best Montra Cycles in India [Top 10] | Review - Are They Worth Buying? (4)

Check out Latest Prices of both Version – Flipkart | Amazon

Key Features:

  • Uses the same 6061 aluminium alloy frame as the Blues above
  • Comes equipped with a rigid steel fork
  • Uses Shimano Altus for the rear and the front derailleur (RD-M310 & FD-M310 respectively)
  • The wheel is fitted with double walled alloy rims and Kenda 700x35C tyres

Apart from the changes in the looks and minor changes on the pedal, brakes & grips etc, both models are almost the same. There is hardly much difference between the new and old Timba.

I will suggest you go with one that you like the most or if you get a really good deal on the old model.

3. Montra Trance

Variations Available: All of them will have new and old models

(Video) Best leader bicycle under 10000 in India 2023 | Top 5 leader brand mountain bike/cycle

  • Montra Trance
  • Trance Pro
  • Trance D
  • Montra Trance Women

Montra Trance is one the best selling models. Also, as expected from a popular model, there are a lot of variations available for the same. Montra also has a bicycle for women. This I feel, is one the best bicycles for ladies in India.

Best Montra Cycles in India [Top 10] | Review - Are They Worth Buying? (5)

Best Montra Cycles in India [Top 10] | Review - Are They Worth Buying? (6)

Best Montra Cycles in India [Top 10] | Review - Are They Worth Buying? (7)

Best Montra Cycles in India [Top 10] | Review - Are They Worth Buying? (8)

Check Prices of these Model & more user Reviews – Amazon | Flipkart

I will not dwell into the individual specifications of each of the models in this post. You can check the same using the links above or on the official website of Montra.

4. Montra Helicon

Montra classifies this bicycle model as an urban sports bike. Basically, this more inclined toward a road bike compared to your average hybrid bicycle.

So, if you have experience riding a hybrid and looking for a bike which is not a road bike but is faster compared to average hybrids, this one is for you.

Add this bike to your shopping cart – Amazon

5. Montra DownTown

Variations Available:

  • Montra DownTown old and new models

This is the last hybrid bicycle by Montra on this list of mine. A bicycle with a rigid fork, this is the most economical model of the lot.

Best Montra Cycles in India [Top 10] | Review - Are They Worth Buying? (11)

(Video) Which Bicycle Should You BUY? | MTB or HYBRID Bicycle?

Check out the current offers on this bicycle – Amazon

If you are a bit flexible about the brand you wish to buy, you can also refer to my guide on the best hybrid bicycles in India for more options.

Key Features:

  • The bicycle is equipped with alloy frame and rigid steel fork
  • It has Shimano Altus as the front derailleur. However, this model is cheaper as it uses Shimano Tourney (7 speedRD-TY300) as the rear derailleur

Top Montra MountainBikes (MTBs):

I will now list down the MTBs offered by Montra in India. MTBs have thicker tyres and stronger frame to help you tackle difficult terrains. Mountain bicycle is ideal for people who love a bit of offroading, exploring new dirt trails etc.

MTBs are also very popular amongst younger folks. School and college kids love riding their mountain bikes.

1. Montra MadRock

Variations Available:

  • Montra MadRock 29T
  • MadRock 27.5T
  • MadRock 26T

This is a popular MTB by Montra as it is also the most affordable one in the entire range. The MadRock is available in three different tyre sizes, the regular 26T, 27.5T & 29T

Best Montra Cycles in India [Top 10] | Review - Are They Worth Buying? (12)

Check available colour options & latest price – Amazon | Flipkart

Key Features:

  • This is a hardtail MTB made with lightweight 6062 aluminium alloy frame
  • It uses a zoom suspension fork on the front
  • Both the front and the back derailleurs use Shimano Tourney. This is an entry level Shimano derailleur
  • The rims on the bike are made using double walled alloy.
  • It uses Wanda P1197, 27.5X1.95 MTB tyres

2. Montra Rock

Available Variations:

  • Montra Rock 4.1 (29T & 27.5T)
  • Rock 3.1 (27.5T)
  • Rock 2.1 (29T & 27.5T)
  • Montra Rock 1.1 (27.5T & 26T)
  • & finally Rock 1.0(27.5T & 26T)

As I had called out earlier, often the best selling model has the most number of variations available for sale in the market. The same can be said about Montra Rock. This bike has the best specifications amongst all the MTBs sold by Montra.

Best Montra Cycles in India [Top 10] | Review - Are They Worth Buying? (13)

Check all the Model, Colours and Availability at your Pincode – Amazon | Flipkart

Key Features of Montra Rock 4.1:

    • Uses a hardtail MTB frame made using 6061 aluminium alloy
    • The front suspension uses Suntour 100 mm fork with hydraulic lockout
    • The front derailleur on the bike is Shimano Altus 3 speed, while the rear derailleur used is Shimano Acera 8 speed
    • Equipped with Shimano Altus gear shifters

Double walled alloy rims withKenda K1010, 29X2.1 MTB tyres

  • Uses mechanical disc brakes

3. Montra BackBeat

Continuing on with my list of best Montra cycles in India, BackBeat is the third and the final MTB on this list.

(Video) BEST MTB UNDER ₹20,000 IN INDIA 🔥 Montra Madrock 2021 (SPECIAL EDITION)

BackBeat is priced in between the Rock and the MadRock.

Best Montra Cycles in India [Top 10] | Review - Are They Worth Buying? (14)

Check the latest price online – Amazon

Best Montra Road Cycles:

Montra does not have a wide variety of option in this segment. However, the two models available are good enough for beginners.

1. Montra Celtic

The Montra Celtic is definitely the better bike amongst the two road bikes that Montra has on sale in India.

Available Variations:

  • Montra Celtic 2.1 (New & Old)

Best Montra Cycles in India [Top 10] | Review - Are They Worth Buying? (15)

Check available options and latest price in India – Amazon

Key Features:

  • Lightweight 6061 aluminium alloy frame
  • Uses Shimano Claris as both rear and front derailleur (8×2 gears) and Shimano ClarisST 2400 shifters
  • The crank used on the bike isShimano Tourney, FC-A070, 50/34T. You can upgrade this later if needed

2. Montra Unplugged

I think this is the most affordable road bicycle that a beginner can start off with (There are much cheaper options available. However, I am talking about a quality bike that a beginner can use)

Check the colours and user reviews of both models – Amazon

This brings me to an end to my review on the best Montra cycles in India. As I have said earlier, Montra Blues 1.2, Rock 4.1 and Montra Celtic are the best bicycles that they have to offer in each of their individual categories.

I would also like to give a special mention to Montra Trance Pro, which is also my personal favourite.

Which one did you like? Have you ridden Montra bicycle? How has been your experience with the brand so far?

(Video) Montra Downtown 2020 Full Review | Best Hybrid Cycle under 18000 | Best Entry Level Alloy Cycle

Do let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


Is Montra Cycles an Indian brand? ›

Ride along with us!

In 2011, TI Cycles of India launched its very own performance bicycle brand Montra. Montra is the first high end performance bikes designed and manufactured in India.

Which is the top 1 bicycle brands in India? ›

Best Cycle Brands In India
S. NoProduct NamesPrice
1Hero Mig Men's 26 Inches, 18.0 Inches F Cycles₹6,919
2EMotorad EMX Electric Cycle₹54,999
3Lifelong LLBC2002 Crew 20T Cycle₹4,399
4Firefox Bikes | Bad Attitude Harpoon 700C₹9,099
6 more rows

Which is the No 1 cycle company in India? ›

Best Cycle Brands In India: FAQ

SVITCH, Avon, BSA, Firefox, and Hercules are some of the leading cycle brands in the best cycle market.

Which is the best Indian cycle? ›

Best gear cycles in India: Top picks (May, 2023)
Best Gear CyclesApproximation price on Amazon
EMotorad Electric Cycle Shimano GearsRs. 59,000
Lifelong Bold MTB 26T Mountain 21 Speed Gear CyclesRs. 8,000
VECTOR 91 Valor 29T 21 Speed Shimano GearsRs. 9,500
4 more rows
May 20, 2023

What is the price of Montra bike in India? ›

Montra Cycle Price List (May 2023) in India
ModelsPrice (ex-showroom)
Timba15.23 K * onwards
Chord20.18 K * onwards
Madrock 29T24.38 K * onwards
Backbeat 29T27.23 K * onwards
4 more rows

Is montra owned by Hercules? ›

The first Hercules bicycle was rolled out in 1951 and four more brands were added to the portfolio – Phillips in 1959, BSA in 1964, Montra in 2011 and Mach City in 2015.

Which bike company is better in India? ›

1. Hero MotoCorp Ltd. The world's largest two-wheeler manufacturer for 18 consecutive years. Hero MotoCorp is the dominant leader in the world's largest two-wheeler market, India.

Which cycle brand is made in India? ›

Hero Cycles is the largest manufacturer of Bicycles in India, based in Ludhiana Punjab. The company is part of Hero Motors Company and also one of the largest manufacturers of cycles in the world, exports to over 70 countries having brands like Firefox, Miss India, Sprint and Mountain Bike.

Which is the richest cycle in India? ›

40,800. The highest priced product is Bianchi C-sport Cross 29 T Hybrid Cycle/City Bike(24 Gear, Black) available at Rs. 68,000 in India.

Which is the cheapest cycle in India? ›

68,000. Contrary to this, the lowest priced product is Hero Blossom 12 T Recreation Cycle(Single Speed, Purple, White) available at Rs. 1,555.

Which is India's largest cycle manufacturer? ›

With an annual manufacturing capacity of over 7.5 million cycles, Hero Cycles is the leader in India with a market share of over 43 percent.

Which bicycle is best to buy? ›

  • Road bikes are best for riding on smooth, asphalted roads. ...
  • Mountain bikes are best for riding off-road. ...
  • Gravel bikes are booming and growing ever more popular. ...
  • Hybrid bikes are a very popular choice for bike commuters, thanks to their versatility.
Nov 9, 2022

Which bicycle is best for daily use? ›

Cruiser bicycles are the most comfortable type of bicycle. Cruiser bicycles have padded seats, wide handlebars, and low gears, which make them easy to ride. Cruiser bicycles also have a wide wheelbase, which makes them stable.

Which cycle is best for long ride? ›

The three types of bicycles are great for long distances are mountain bikes, gravel bikes, and hybrid bicycles. The mountain bike excels with off-road, and trails for long distances.

What is the price of Montra Rock 1? ›

Montra Rock 1.0 Bicycle at Rs 18800/piece | Montra Bike in Kolkata | ID: 21678745148.

What is the top speed of Montra electric cycle? ›

  • Top Speed Upto 25 kmph.
  • Upto 30 kms range on full charge.
  • Electronic Braking System.

What is the rate of Montra rock cycle? ›

Priced at Rs. 56,050 (as on 11th May 2023) the Montra Rock 29 (2022) is an ideal choice for anyone looking to buy a MTB for riding on the roughest of trails.

Which company owns Montra? ›

Our Parent Company, TI Cycles, Has Been Around Since 1949 With A Vision To Be The Most Preferred Brand In Fitness, Recreation & Personal Mobility Solutions And An Aim To Give Their Customers Not Just A Bike, But Also A Rewarding Experience That Lasts A Lifetime, Which Begins When You Enter One Of Their Stores.

What is the price of Montra Hybrid? ›

Priced at Rs. 25,130 (as on 6th September 2022) the Montra Trance Pro is an ideal choice for anyone looking to buy a Bicycle for commuting, fitness and occasional long distance riding.

Who is the owner of Montra brand? ›

The Montra Electric logo is inspired by an 'Eagle' representing rising ambition, vision, agility, efficiency and tenacity to Go for Glory. Founded in 1900, the INR 547 Billion (INR 54,722 Crores) Murugappa Group is one of India's leading business conglomerates.

Who owns Montra? ›

Other premium made-in-India bicycle brands include Montra, sold by the Murugappa Group's TI Cycles and Firefox Bikes.

Which bike is Indian company? ›

Hero Motocorp Ltd., formerly Hero Honda, is an Indian motorcycle and scooter manufacturer based in New Delhi, India. The company is the largest two-wheeler manufacturer in the world, and also in India, where it has a market share of about 46% in the two-wheeler category.

Which bike company is made in India? ›

Eicher Motors Ltd – Royal Enfield

Incorporated in 1982, Eicher Motors Limited is the flagship company of the Eicher Group in India and a leading player in the Indian automobile industry. Royal Enfield has a market share of around 3.8%. It is the Royal bike brands in India.

Who is the brand ambassador of Montra Cycle? ›

“We are delighted to have Karun Chandhok as our brand ambassador for Montra. In an effort to establish an instant connect between Montra and the Indian masses, Karun Chandhok is the perfect fit.

Who is the owner of Yeti Cycles? ›

In 1995 Schwinn bicycles acquired Yeti Cycles.

Who owns ten speed spokes? ›

Tom Kearns, owner of Ten Speed Spokes, has always had a passion for cycling.

What is the price of Montra Rock bike? ›

Priced at Rs. 56,050 (as on 11th May 2023) the Montra Rock 29 (2022) is an ideal choice for anyone looking to buy a MTB for riding on the roughest of trails.

Who is the CEO of Montra Cycles? ›

Sushant Jena - Chief Executive Officer - Montra Electric | LinkedIn.

Which bike company is best in world? ›

Best motorbike brands
  • Harley Davidson. An American legend. ...
  • Yamaha. Competition has always been at the heart of Yamaha's success, from its beginnings in 1950s Japan. ...
  • Moto Guzzi. ...
  • Aprilia. ...
  • Honda. ...
  • KTM. ...
  • Ducati. ...
  • Vespa.

Which bike engine is best for long life? ›

Latest Answers
  • Hero, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki are good brands. ...
  • any make bike and budget is 65000. ...
  • hero splendor i smart. ...
  • 80 k best long life engine bikes. ...
  • Honda cb shine one of best bike for daily life use with long life engine mileage 55-65.

Which is biggest bike in India? ›

Indian Pursuit Limited - 416kg (Rs 44.70 lakh)

The heaviest bike currently on sale in India is the 416kg Indian Pursuit Limited.

Who is the largest cycle manufacturer in India? ›

With an annual manufacturing capacity of over 7.5 million cycles, Hero Cycles is the leader in India with a market share of over 43 percent.

Are Indian bikes made in America? ›

Today, the tradition of premium craftsmanship in American manufacturing lives on at the Indian Motorcycle factory in Spirit Lake, IA; the home of Indian Motorcycle and the birthplace of each new bike we make.


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